Medical Oxygen Sensors

The highest level of precision for your application.

Lift-support systems in intensive care and emergency medicine, as well as outpatient care, require products that are high quality in every detail.

With EnviteC you have a competent partner in the respiratory gas sensors on your side!

Electrochemical oxygen sensors of EnviteC characterized by the highest precision, reliability, fast response time and extraodenary durability and meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 21 647 and FDA.

Oxygen sensors


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EnviteC oxygen sensors are designed for use in today's most important instruments of the breathing gas technology. These include instruments:

  • for gas supply
  • in anesthesia and respiratory therapy (FiO2)
  • incubators
  • lung function analysis and
  • in sports medicine

OEM Solutions

Der SoftTip ist universell einsetzbar

EnviteC develops customized OEM Sensors and Modules tailored precisely to its customers' design and technological specifications.

We offer protected, flexible OEM Solutions which will always meet your expectations in terms of quality, performance and design.


An exceptionally wide range of sensors is available for all types of anaesthesia machines and ventilators.

Find out in our cross reference list of the various compatibility.