FlexMon® - the ingeniously simple solution

One for all and all for one!

The new system developed by EnviteC, FlexMon®, is the curcial step towards the efficient use of sensors. In future the individual EnviteC SpO2 sensor can be connected to any device in a family of monitors, thus significantly reducing the number of sensors required.

Greater flexibility with FlexMon® sensors by EnviteC!

FlexMon® sensors not only reduce costs considerably, they also save an enormous amount of time during operation. Both, users and hospital purchasers benefit from this simplification.

The EnviteC SpO2 sensors listed here are available with the new standardised plug-in connector:

  • SoftTip®
  • Ear Sensor
  • FingerClip
  • Disposable Sensors

FlexMon® offers advantages that will convince you:

  • Lower investments
  • Greater flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Optimised stock-keeping
  • Better overview

FlexMon® enables the sensors to be used on a wide variety of monitors with different connector options. Both portable and stationary individual monitors and device systems can use the EnviteC SpO2 sensor range alternately.