The EnviteC OEM philosophy

"Our products for your success!"

EnviteC has been developing and manufacturing Sensors, Modules and Monitors for almost 25 years.

Since 2006, EnviteC has been part of the Honeywell technology group, one of the largest sensor manufacturers worldwide.

The customer is the measure of all things at EnviteC. Our customers' requirements and wishes drive our research and development. We offer our customers well-conceived state-of-the-art OEM solutions and products.

EnviteC develops customized OEM sensors and technologies tailored precisely to its customers' design and technological specifications. We offer protected, flexible OEM solutions which will always meet your expectations in terms of quality, performance and design. With products from EnviteC you are always one step ahead of the market. This enables you to meet all the market's challenges, even surpassing users' expectations. Consequently, EnviteC products also strengthen your market position.

As a certified manufacturer of medical products, we develop and manufacture all our products in accordance with the applicable EN ISO 13485 standards. Our products are complying with several international standards, such as CE and FDA. We are able to meet all requirements and the most stringent standards at all times.


Oxygen Measurement


Flow Measurement


SpO2 Measurement

Whatever we can do for you, here at EnviteC our work always centers on our customers' needs. All aspects of our work demonstrate the way in which we really live this philosophy on a daily basis.

Put us to the test - you won't be disappointed!

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