Breath alcohol analyzer compl.

AlcoQuant 6020 plus


Art. No. 1001779
Title AlcoQuant 6020 plus
Info1 Breath alcohol analyzer compl.
Info2 Standard
Width 23 cm


  • incl. transport case, 4 x AA 1,5V Alkaline batteries, 25 mouthpieces S-Type, user manual
  • Comfortable operation
  • Easy to read at any time of day
  • Certified according EU standard EN 15964


  Description Art. No.
Rechargeable battery AlcoQuant® 6020 plus 1001871
Battery charger AlcoQuant® 6020 plus 1001923
Pouch AlcoQuant® 60XX 1001105
Mouthpiece D-Typ 31-30-0024
Software Datamanager Alco 60XX/6020plus 1000520
Printer paper Drucker Thermo E202 1002033
Printer E202C Set AlcoQuant® 6020 plus 1002012
PC connection cable PC AlcoQuant® 6020 plus 1001843
PC connection cable PC-Alco 60XX 1000519
Mouthpiece S-Typ 31-30-0022
Transport case Standard 31-30-0007
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